Avoid a Catastrophic Data Breach

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Security Awareness Training

Even when your IT department has barricaded your cyber back door... just a simple click on a link, attachment or website by just one employee can open your front door to a catastrophic data breach.

CFISA’s Cyber Security Awareness Training courses for employees are designed to educate them on proper cyber and data security behavior.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is, hackers want your sensitive information and customer data.

We Deliver Options

Click and Train

PCI Online Training and e-Learning by CFISA

"Buy a Course" now and participants can simply login and take the course. Managers have access to employee progress and completion reports.

SCORM file

SCORM File for Cyber Security Training by CFISA

You host our training. We provide you with the industry standard SCORM file that you import into your Learning Management System (LMS).

Branded LMS

Branded LMS for Cyber Security Training by CFISA

Hosted Customer Branded Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). We host a LMS just for you. You can also run other vendor’s SCORM training courses.

Michael Levin, The Center for Information Security Awareness

The Center for Information Security Awareness

CEO and Founder Michael Levin is a former Secret Service Agent and Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security. After retiring Michael founded CFISA in 2007 to help businesses, academia and government agencies teach their employees best practices to combat the onslaught of cybercrime.

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