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Mar-a-Lago Checkpoint Security Breach

Insights on checkpoint breach from Michael Levin

• Secret Service is having a difficult time with security
• Trespassers attempting to enter Mar-a-Lago
• The Secret Service has regular protocols concerning security when the President is arriving
• The vehicle that entered was likely a coincidence and not an attack on the President

Security Awareness Training Questions From Employees

Learn the signs before giving away any important information.

• What are the key indicators that a call is a phishing scam?
• What is the best way to protect my PC and phone?
• How can a phishing email get through a company’s security system?
• How do I safely open emails from senders I don’t know?
• What are the most common phishing scams?
• Has there been any success in locating cybercriminals?
• What are some tips to identify when IoT-connected devices are secure?

Discussion of Our Nation’s Cybersecurity

Michael Levin discusses cybersecurity and how the United States ranks.

• There could be a rise in cyber-attacks, and we are ill-prepared
• They will likely target control systems like utilities, financial institutions, and any day-to-day survival company
• What can we do better?
• We need a higher priority on security including a bigger budget
• Extra vigilance in an election year
• Understand risk and respond to it

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Hacking Concerns Amid Tensions with Iran

“Any attack by Iran, could likely be a cyber one.”

• Increased concern over cyber-attack from Iran
• They are on the offensive, so we need to be prepared
• Our infrastructures could be targeted
• This threat should not be taken lightly
• We need more education on hacking risks

Security at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence

What security measures will be taken while he is in office and after?

• President Trump moves to Palm Beach
• Likely because of no state or inheritance tax
• Trump can option to pay for security privately

Ransomware Hits City of Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach’s computer system may be a much wider target now that the city has agreed to pay a ransom from hackers.

  • Riviera Beach is still at risk after the ransomware attack
  • It was highly publicized that they paid, which means attackers will think they will pay again
  • The city is trying to upgrade security but needs more cybersecurity training
  • Training should focus on identifying phishing emails

Cybersecurity Risk Likely Focus of Investigation After Mar-a-Lago Arrest

“They’ll be able to look at everything, the hard drive and the thumb drive and they’ll get a good flavor of how sophisticated this whole thing was.”

  • President Trump called security breach a fluke
  • There are potentially huge vulnerabilities at Mar-a-Lago
  • They are at risk of malware, specifically key logger software
  • This attacker was not a professional, but the next one could be

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