Corporate, Academic, or NGO Security Training

CFISA strives to provide its customers the finest and most up to date Employee Cyber Security Awareness, HIPAA, PCI and training and superior customer support. All CFISA e-learning training course are designed to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Section 508.

CFISA provides high quality training so you don’t pay for additional services you will not use!

CFISA’s unique approach to security awareness training is to blend security best practices and customer-specific security policies with behavioral psychology, compelling storytelling, and rich interactive media.

Our training focuses on ways to improve employee security awareness and related behavior so that security policies are understood and embraced. The lessons will address the security challenges that are relevant to your environment including the risk associated with non-compliance to policies and the insider threat.

CFISA’s certification process allows companies, during a compliance audit, to provide dated evidence that their employees have successfully completed the course. Every certificate contains a unique ID and is date stamped when assigned to an individual user upon course completion.

All lessons provide common sense explanations of the reasons behind the policies and procedures, increasing employee buy-in.

No matter how big or small your organization is, CFISA offers a variety of affordable on-line and on-site training programs.

Employee Training Options:

Delivery Options:

  • Click and Train – CFISA SaaS hosting allows you buy our on-line training course and your employees simply login and take the course. Easy access to your employee progress and completion reports. Managers have access to employee progress and completion reports
  • SCORM file – You host our training in your LMS. We provide you with the industry standard SCORM file that you import into your Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Branded LMS – We install and host a Learning Management System (LMS) just for you. Your employees simply login and take the course(s). LMS Includes: Secure access, secure data storage, load balancing, failover, daily backups, your company logo, colors, quizzing, reporting and personalized web URL address. You can reconfigure our training lessons to support different levels of training. You can also run (for a fee) other vendor’s SCORM training courses. You have easy access to all administration, calendar scheduling and reporting features.

Professional Service Options:

Customized Course Options – Let us customize your course to fit the needs of your company or organization.

Our team of security and training experts will work with you to insure you have the quality training you need at a price to fit your budget.

Customer Support:

CFISA’s standard customer service agreement is to provide employees with web access to FAQ and email support with response during normal business hours.

We also offer a variety of Customer Service Level Agreements (SLA) to meet the needs of your organization.