On Site & Webinar Security Awareness Training

On-site security awareness training by CFISA lead by Michael Levin

This immersive on site security awareness training session provides an excellent way to engage each employee with the need for security diligence by each employee.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many employees are working from home. The need for webinar online training has skyrocketed. Michael is now providing webinar training that will help to reduce the risk while working from home.

Active participation from company leadership in the training presentation will let employees know that the company cares about their security.

After the training, employees will have greater confidence in the company security program and will be encouraged to collaborate and create a better sense of community at work.

“After your security awareness training, some of my biggest “problem children” are now my best advocates”
                                                                     CISO of Insurance Company

About Michael Levin

Michael Levin, the founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA), delivers the training in-person at your site. His dynamic and interactive style creates a sense of an employee security community that encourages their participation and “buy in” to best practices.

Michael is a former Secret Service Agent and Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security. After retiring Michael founded CFISA to help businesses and government agencies teach their employees best practices to combat the onslaught of cybercrime.

Mike Levin Secret Service

On site and in person security awareness training for employees includes a dynamic, interactive and interesting presentation that encourages meaningful learning to occur.

The following principles are covered:

  • Why cyber security awareness is important to your company and needs to be important to its employees, contractors and vendors.
  • Importance of employees’ treatment of sensitive data as they would want their own personal data or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to be handled.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of the reasons behind the policies and procedures, increasing employee “buy-in”.
  • Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home.
  • Overview of password security best practices.
  • A good understanding of social engineering and how related techniques are used to manipulate employees, leading to intellectual property theft, data security breaches, litigation and other serious problems.
  • “What’s in it for me” overview to help employees understand the risk and benefits to encourage participation.

A list of possible presentation topics:

  • Introduction including scope of the problem and risk overview
  • Today’s Threats
  • Password Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Email Best Practices
  • Protecting your Personal Work-space and Laptops
  • Top Cyber Crime Threats
  • Discussion of risk of Public Wi-Fi
  • Safe Web use and risk of Social Media
  • Internet of Things aka I o T
  • Identity Theft Risk
  • PCI-DSS credit card compliance
  • Traveling Safety and Security
  • Emergency Preparedness

Schedule an On Site or Webinar Training Session

To schedule your employee cybersecurity training sessions, request a quote below. We will discuss your company’s training needs to identify where your team is the most vulnerable. We will then develop curriculum based on the critical security areas we’ve identified to best prepare your team. Before the training Michael will work with your team to identify critical security areas you would like emphasized during his training session.