Cyber Security Training Principles

Avoid a catastrophic data breach with CFISA Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

Unlocking Cyber Security Excellence: The Crucial Role of Basic Cyber Security TrainingCFISA’s unique approach to security awareness training is to blend security best practices and customer-specific security policies with behavioral psychology, compelling storytelling, and rich, interactive media.

Our training focuses on ways to improve employee security awareness and related behavior so that security policies are understood and embraced. The lessons will address the security challenges that are relevant to your environment including the risk associated with non-compliance to policies and the insider threat. All CFISA e-learning training course are designed to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Section 508.

CFISA lessons provide common sense explanations of the reasons behind the policies and procedures, increasing employee buy-in. CFISA courses are designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

The course is based on five fundamental principles:

  1. In order for security awareness to work, ideally most or all of the time, “thinking security” must become instinctive, and as second nature as being polite to customers.
  2. In order for employees to start behaving securely, their current behavior must be modified or security rules will never work.
  3. For behavior to become instinctive employees must be encouraged to change their attitude and perception of both the challenge and the outcome.
  4. In order to modify security behavior, employees must feel a relevant, personal, and direct connection to the outcome.
  5. Training must be engaging and packaged properly to achieve desired results.

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