Cybersecurity Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many employees are working from home. The need for e-learning and webinar online training has skyrocketed. CFISA is now providing online webinar security awareness training and cybersecurity training that will help to reduce the risk while working from home.

Cybersecurity training has become more critical than ever for businesses of all sizes. Data breaches and hacking take place at all levels in a company. This includes your front-line employees who may not fully understand their role in protecting your company’s vital assets, customer information, and IT systems. As the Equifax and Target breaches of the past highlight, it’s important that every member of your staff be prepared.

Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Webinar and on site Cybersecurity training for employees is more than preparing your IT team with the latest anti-virus software and security best practices. Since the IT department makes up just a small fraction of your company, it’s critical that every staff member understands cybersecurity threats and how to protect themselves and your company from an attack.

Our webinar & in person cybersecurity training programs for employees helps protect your business against evolving IT threats. From our training, your team will learn:

  • New policies and procedures for handling sensitive information
  • How to identify and prevent cybersecurity threats
  • Cybersecurity best practices including strong password recommendations
  • Learning about social engineering and phishing scams

Benefits of Outsourcing Cybersecurity Training to Experts

When you hire your company’s IT staff, you look for web development, corporate IT security, or programming experts. While your IT staff furthers their expertise on your company’s internal IT infrastructure, they don’t have the opportunity to see the new cybersecurity threats that impact other companies. They don’t have the chance to learn about how other companies reduce their risk or remediate threats.

By outsourcing your company’s cybersecurity training to cybersecurity experts, your whole team will undergo training facilitated by an expert in current best practices and risks. This expert will have experience from working with different companies and could identify overlooked risks to proactively protect your company’s data and systems. Even if only your IT staff attended the training, your company could benefit.

Online Cybersecurity Training

Our collection of online cybersecurity training enables your employees to learn what they need to know about cybersecurity on their own schedule. Employees can access online training when they have downtime, instead of having to set aside part of a workday when they may have other business matters to attend to. Online cybersecurity training offers an affordable way to ensure that every employee has access to the same lessons. These lessons work well as part of your company’s onboarding process or as a part of annual training. All CFISA e-learning training course are designed to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Section 508.

We currently offer the following online cybersecurity training courses:

Michael Levin speaking during an on-site cybersecurity training session

On Site & Webinar Cybersecurity Training

Our on site cybersecurity training is facilitated by Michael. He will provide practical, hands-on advice based on his experience in the cybersecurity field to prepare employees to prevent cybersecurity threats.

To schedule your employee in person cybersecurity training sessions, contact The Center for Information Security Awareness at (561) 325-6050. We will discuss your company’s training needs to identify where your team is the most vulnerable. We will then develop curriculum based on the critical security areas we’ve identified to best prepare your team. Before the training Michael will work with your team to identify critical security areas you would like emphasized during his training session.

Michael Levin former Secret Service AgentMichael Levin, the founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness, delivers the training. Michael is a former Secret Service Agent and Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security. After retiring, Michael founded CFISA to help businesses and government agencies teach their employees best practices to combat the onslaught of cybercrime.

This immersive remote on-line live training session provides an excellent way to directly engage each employee with the need for security diligence by each employee. Michael’s dynamic and interactive style creates a sense of an employee security community that encourages their participation and “buy-in” to best practices.

All employees will better understand:

  • Policies and procedures related to handling personally identifiable information and customer sensitive information
  • “Real life” explanations of the reasons behind security best practices
  • Top cyber-crime threats to be aware of
  • The need to use strong passwords and not to share them with others
  • Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home
  • The basics of social engineering and how these techniques are used to manipulate employees
  • Importance of employees handling sensitive data as they would want their own personal data to be handled
  • Phishing and email best practices
  • Protecting your Personal Workspace & Physical Security Practices
  • Handheld Devices and Laptop Security
  • Risk of Public Wi-Fi
  • Safe web use and risk of social media
  • Identity theft risk