HIPAA Training, Certification, and Compliance

If your organization directly or indirectly handles a patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI), you need to train your employees upon hire and annually.

HIPAA online training and e-Learning course curriculum by CFISA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires employees with access to Protected Health Information (PHI) to receive training to ensure that they understand the correct privacy and security practices associated with PHI. This includes staff members of any clinical, housekeeping, dietary, clerical, and contract workers. Anyone who has direct or indirect access to patients’ PHI needs HIPAA training.

CFISA HIPAA and Cyber Security Awareness Employee Training

CFISA’s HIPAA and Cyber Security Awareness Employee Training course combines HIPAA compliance lessons and Cyber Security Awareness Training. This powerful training tool not only educates your employees on PHI requirements and stated law, it also expands their knowledge of best practices of how to reduce risk and protect your organization from cyber threats.

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$ 14.95 per Person

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HIPAA Employee Training

8 Lessons Course. Total time: 53:30

  • The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • 2009 HITECH Act and 2013 Omnibus Rule
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule including definitions of relevant terms
  • Privacy Rule requirements, covered entities and authorization
  • Use and disclosure of PHI
  • HIPAA Security Rule including important safeguards such as confidentiality, security and integrity
  • Physical and electronic access controls to protect patient health information
  • Cybercrime and top security threats
  • HIPAA security and integrity safeguards
  • Day to day security best practices
  • Breach reporting along with consequences for non-compliance
  • Creating strong passwords to increase security
  • Recognizing social engineering
  • Phishing and email best practices
  • Protecting your personal workspace


  • Easily access compliant reports on employee progress and completion
  • Will be in compliance with HIPAA onboarding or annual employee training requirements
  • Can add additional employees in the future
Manager Reporting on Cyber Security Training
HIPAA Training for Employees


  • Are required to score 100% on each course lesson’s 4 quiz questions
  • Receive a HIPAA Security Awareness certificate upon course completion
  • Will be in compliance with HIPAA onboarding or annual Security Awareness training requirements upon completing CFISA’s HIPAA course

HIPAA Certification

During a compliance audit CFISA certificates allow companies to provide dated evidence that their employees have successfully completed the HIPAA Training course. Every certificate contains a unique ID and is date stamped when assigned to an individual user upon course completion.

The certificate provides employees with acknowledgement of their achievement of successfully passing the HIPAA Course.

HIPAA Certification

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