Cyber Security Training – Live Webinars

Michael Levin former Secret Service AgentMichael Levin, the founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness, delivers the training. Michael is a former Secret Service Agent and Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security. After retiring Michael founded CFISA to help businesses and government agencies teach their employees best practices to combat the onslaught of cybercrime.

This immersive remote on-line live training session provides an excellent way to directly engage each employee with the need for security diligence by each employee. Michael’s dynamic and interactive style creates a sense of an employee security community that encourages their participation and “buy in” to best practices.

All employees will better understand:

  • Policies and procedures related to handling personally identifiable information and customer sensitive information
  • “Real life” explanations of the reasons behind security best practices
  • Top cyber-crime threats to be aware of
  • The need to use strong passwords and not to share them with others
  • Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home
  • The basics of social engineering and how these techniques are used to manipulate employees
  • Importance of employees handling sensitive data as they would want their own personal data to be handled
  • Phishing and email best practices
  • Protecting your Personal Workspace & Physical Security Practices
  • Handheld Devices and Laptop Security
  • Risk of Public Wi-Fi
  • Safe web use and risk of social media
  • Identity theft risk

Michael teaches this extensive Security Awareness Training session via Web Conferencing. This 90 minute training session allows up to 25 of your users to access the live training from any location. You can schedule up to 3 sessions per day.

Before the training Michael will work with your team to identify critical security areas you would like emphasized during his training session.