How Ransomware Has Grown Over Time

There are several kinds of malware out there, all of which can ruin your information systems. Worms can open new routes of access for hackers, and trojans can sneak their ways onto your computers and steal your information. Yet, there is one kind of malware that can destroy more than your digital networks. They can take… Read more »

Without Continued Employee Training, You Are Subject to Repeat Ransomware Attacks

On average, ransomware attacks cost businesses $13,000. The malware’s demands for rescuing your files are getting higher all the time. You may think that if you manage to recover from a ransomware attack once, you’ll be safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Over half of ransomware’s victims suffer repeat attacks. Right now, you’re probably wondering how… Read more »

Ransomware Evolving into the Future

Ransomware attacks on businesses are up 365 percent over 2019. While ransomware dates back to the 1980s, this threat is growing all the time. What is the latest ransomware news? How is this malware changing over time? What can you do to protect yourself? A ransomware attack can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. Knowing how… Read more »

Should You Pay Ransomware?

Have you ever watched one of those movies where a politician was caught in a comprising position with another man or woman that wasn’t their spouse and blackmailed? Sometimes the plot would involve ordinary members of the public coerced into robbing banks or handing over their life savings. These plots may sound fanciful, but the… Read more »