CFISA Offers Exciting New In Person “Security Awareness Training” for Businesses

On-site training by CFISA lead by Michael Levin

CFISA In Person Security Awareness Training

The Boca Raton-based Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) is proud to announce new in person on site security awareness training options.

This immersive in person security awareness training session provides an excellent way to directly engage each employee with the need for daily security diligence. Michael Levin, the founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness, delivers the training on site at the business.

Michael Levin is a nationally known cyber security professional who spent over twenty-two years in the U.S. Secret Service protecting Presidents and Heads of State. Michael retired from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – as the Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division in Washington DC.

Michael’s dynamic and interactive style creates a sense of an employee security community that encourages their participation and “buy in” to security best practices.

All employees will better understand:

Workplace violence red flags by employees online
Policies and procedures related to handling sensitive data
“Real life” explanations of the reasons behind security best practices
Top cyber-crime threats to the business
The need to use strong passwords and not to share them with others
Cyber security best practices that apply at work and at home
The basics of social engineering and how these techniques are used by criminals
Phishing and email best practices
Protecting your Personal Workspace & Physical Security Practices
Handheld Devices and Laptop Security
Risk of Public Wi-Fi
Safe web use and risk of social media
Identity theft risk

Before the training session, Michael will work with the customer team to identify critical security areas to customize the presentation for each business. “Prior to the training session, we will discuss your company’s training needs to identify where your company is the most vulnerable. We will then develop curriculum based on the critical security areas we’ve identified to best prepare your employees, said Michael Levin CEO.”

About the Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) –

The Center for Information Security Awareness was formed in 2007 by a group of leading academics, security experts, and fraud experts to explore ways to increase security awareness among consumers, employees, businesses, and law enforcement. CFISA provides online and on-site security awareness training.

CFISA also offers HIPAA and PCI Credit Card Compliance Courses.

CFISA currently has a diverse blend of customers using their valuable training.
These include:

  • Federal, state and local government agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • Financial institutions

Those who are interested in learning more can call today at (561) 325-6050 or visit the website at The company’s mailing address is PO Box 810961, Boca Raton, FL 33496.