CFISA offers the City of Riviera Beach Free Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees After Ransomware Attack

  BOCA RATON, FLA. (PRWEB) JUNE 21, 2019 The Boca Raton-based Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) has offered to provide free cyber security awareness training to the Riviera Beach City employees. Recently the City of Riviera Beach has agreed to pay $600,000.00 in ransom to hackers that took over the City’s computer system. The ransomware… Read more »

CFISA Offers New FREE InfraGard Awareness Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) announces a new InfraGard Awareness FREE Cyber Security Awareness training course. The course is offered to provide basic cybersecurity awareness training information. The four-lesson course is free for individuals. Security awareness training is designed to help reduce the risk of data breaches or data loss, whether through negligence or deliberate… Read more »

Memorial Day Security Lessons

  Memorial Day is our important holiday to honor those that died while serving our Country through military service. As we think about those men and women today let’s also consider ways to learn from the past and to put these lessons to use in the future. There are many lessons for business security and… Read more »