Florida In-Person Trainings

CFISA’s Security Awareness Program and other training are available to those around the State of Florida.


CFISA’s Security Awareness Training can help business’s in Florida avoid fines, downtime, loss of trust, legal issues, and even devastating loss of business, all of which can occur as a result of lost or stolen data. If more and more of your staff is working remotely, security is more important than ever. Many businesses feel that security is out of their control when they have their staff working offsite, but this is not the case. With proper education and thoughtful policies, your business can be safe from threats more than ever before.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard created for Florida businesses to help reduce credit card fraud and improve cardholder security data. If your business deals with credit cards, it needs to comply with PCI DSS. The same practices that ensure compliance with PCI DSS will help protect any modern business and its clients from data breaches and data loss.

Cybersecurity training is a core of security for modern businesses. We offer online and in-person cybersecurity training in Florida by our experts so that your business can benefit from the best information and the best techniques to counter online risks. This is the course cybercriminals do not want your employees to take. Any business that creates, processes, or stores sensitive information needs to be aware of security issues. This is particularly the case for companies that do these things digitally. Our cybersecurity training will provide the building blocks for robust security policies and practices for Florida businesses in any industry and of any size.

We offer a variety of other security training classes as well throughout Florida. If you would like more information regarding in-person or online security awareness training, please contact us today!