Dallas Security Awareness Training

Why train your employees? Even when your IT department has barricaded your cyber back door… Just a simple click on a link, attachment or website by just one employee can open your front door to a catastrophic data breach.

Security Awareness Training in Dallas, TX

CFISA’s course: Security Awareness Training Level II has been now certified for employee training in Texas.

CFISA is proud to announce that, in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 2054.519, the Texas Department of Information Resources has reviewed the company’s training program and determined that it meets the required criteria for state and local government employees’ training. CFISA’s Security Awareness Program is now added to the list of certified training programs, which can be found on the Department of Information Resources website.

Data loss can be devastating. Whether it is compromised deliberately by hackers with malicious intent or lost as a result of human error and a lack of education, the result can be downtime, fines, and more importantly, loss of trust and reputation with your clients and the community. When it happens, it can be crippling, with the potential to destroy businesses, especially those that lack the resources of larger companies and are less able to bounce back.

The security awareness training provided by CFISA is tailormade to make sure your files are safe, and that your employees are protecting the integrity of your business by safeguarding important data.

There are many ways to protect your data. Technology plays its part in ensuring your security, but the proper practices and awareness are critical.

The Importance of Security Awareness Training in Dallas

Security Awareness TrainingThe foundation of security is educating your staff. If your team can identify a potential threat and either report it or deal with it accordingly, you will be equipped to protect your business and save it from unfortunate incidents. Making sure that your workers are aware of the possible threats, and they know what to do if they see one, is vital to success as a modern business in and around Dallas, TX.

While managed services providers and IT security firms provide a range of security services, it is essential to plug leaks within your business as well. You can do this by making sure your staff is up to date with the latest security awareness training.

At the Center for Information Security Awareness, we provide two levels of security awareness training. In level one, we offer a nine-lesson course with a total time of approximately one hour. This course covers:

  • Risks associated with cybercrime
  • How to create strong passwords to improve your security
  • How to understand and recognize social engineering
  • Phishing and safe emailing practices
  • How to protect your business against viruses, spyware, and spam
  • How to protect your personal workspace
  • How to use the internet safely
  • The internet of things and device management
  • Today’s risks, including the acceptable use of electronic resources

In our level two security awareness training, we offer an additional six lessons, making this a 15-lesson course with a total time of nearly two hours. The additional lessons ensure that your team has the most up-to-date information, making it more capable of spotting, avoiding, and dealing with security threats.

The additional six lessons are:

  • The impact of cybercrime and identity fraud
  • Today’s threats
  • How behavior is exploited by cybercriminals
  • Security practices away from the office
  • Protecting the workplace from identity fraud
  • Social media security

The added level of security awareness provided by a level two course will ensure that your staff is not only informed about potential security risks and how to cope, but engaged with the process, understanding the full scope of the risks, and how good practices can benefit them, your clients, and your business as a whole.

In-Person Security Awareness Training in Dallas TX

One of the best ways to make sure your staff engages with security awareness is to have the training take place in-person. CFISA can provide in-person security awareness training at your location in and around Dallas. We encourage participation from company leadership, offering you the chance to lead the way for better security awareness throughout your company.

Our in-person training is provided by Michael Levin, founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness. He is a former Secret Service Agent, as well as the former Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security. Michael founded CFISA after retiring and is keen to continue helping businesses and government agencies teach employees how to counter cybercrime.

You can look forward to his dynamic and engaging style, which is sure to make an impression on staff, and encourage people to make proactive, positive changes to improve security from day one.

We can tailor the curriculum to your company’s needs by talking with you about possible vulnerabilities in your firm. Then, we can develop a cybersecurity awareness training course to tackle those critical areas first. Let us know if you have security issues that you think we should prioritize. Request a quote to schedule an on-site security awareness training session in Dallas.

Online Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity TrainingOnline security awareness training makes educating your staff simple. We have made it is easy for our clientele to take part in online training no matter if they are a small business or a multinational corporation.

With our online training, managers can easily access reports to visualize employee progress and see who has completed the course. It also facilitates onboarding procedures and annual employee security awareness education requirements.

We make it easy to add additional employees, so you can make sure everyone in your firm has the same minimum level of security awareness training.

Your employees will receive a stamped and dated CFISA certificate to show that they have completed the course successfully and that they are in compliance with your onboarding procedures.

PCI Compliance Courses and Cyber Security Training in Dallas

DIR Cybersecurity TrainingBy taking part in our training courses, your organization can demonstrate that it complies with PCI DSS employee security awareness training requirements. These PCI DSS online courses will make sure that your staff has the required level of education to understand security risks and keep your business compliant, avoiding fines and associated complications.

We are here to help you and your staff look after your business, and your clients, by protecting sensitive information. Our cybersecurity training gives your team what it needs to take an active role in preventing cyber criminals who wish to access your data and compromise your company.

With our various levels of training and the possibility of training online or in-person, we aim to give you access to excellent, up-to-date information so that you can get on with running your business while minimizing threats to your data. For more information about our courses, how they can benefit your business, and how we can tailor our services to your needs, please get in touch with CFISA today. You can request a quote or give us a call for a friendly chat with no obligations.

If you would like more information regarding in-person or online security awareness training, please contact us today!

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